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Money Management: The Value of Money4/30/2018

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Lesson: How money is earned through hard work

Age: 3 and up

One of the hardest lessons to teach is that money doesn’t grow on trees!  Parents often wonder how to tie the value of hard work to the latest toy their child wants.  Try this fun activity to help show how hard work pays off.


  1. Start by making a list of all of the chores in the house your child can do.  It can be anything from vacuuming to helping wash the car, to helping pick up toys left around the house.  Make sure to pick chores that are age appropriate for your child! 
  2. Set a value on each of those chores on an easily accessible chart.  How much you want to pay for each chore is up to you, it can be as little as 25 cents a room or 1 cent a window washed.  Make sure your child can see how much each item pays for their hard work.
  3. Let your child chose what chores to complete!  At the end of the activity, have your child turn in a list of finished chores for a “paycheck.”

Your child will learn the value of hard work and its connection to money.  Plus, you’ll get a few chores around the house done too!  Make sure to follow up with your child and ask them questions about where money comes from.  Do they know why you go to work every day?  How does working help you buy the things you want and need?  Talking to your child can help them learn essential money and working habits they can use for the rest of their life!

*Bonus Tip: Is your child a little too young for this activity?  Try using more immediate rewards like stickers, pencils, or other prizes.  For every chore they complete, they can pick out a prize from the prize box.  You’ll still tie the value of hard work to reward and you can always add in real money as your child ages!

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