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Saving on Summer Energy Costs!6/1/2018

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Summer is here!  While we may enjoy the warmer weather, it doesn't necessarily mean it's easy on your wallet.  Here are some quick and easy tips to help cut down on energy costs this summer without sacrificing a cool home.

1. Get smart about your thermostat

If it is just too hot to go without air conditioning, try to make the most of your thermostat.  

  • Bump up your thermostat!  If you are able, keep the temperature as high as possible to save on energy costs.  Even just a few degrees can make a large impact on your overall bill.  78 degrees is the ideal temperature for conserving energy costs.
  • Adjust your thermostat when you are not home.  Even if you don't have a smart thermostat, you can manually change your temperature to reflect your daily life.  If you spend most of your day at work or away from the home, set your thermostat at a higher temperature.  This will make sure you are not just cooling an empty house.

2. Limit appliance use

Don't add to the heat in your home!  Avoid using the stove, oven, or other appliances that may kick your air conditioner into overdrive.  Instead, try grilling or eating deluxe salads that don't require additional heating!  You can also meal prep in advance, cooking all your meals on cooler days, so that you minimize the kitchen appliances you have to use.

Bonus: Limit the use of other non-kitchen appliances as well.  Time your laundry for early morning or evening cycles and hand wash instead of using the dishwasher.  Every little bit will keep your home, and you, cooler. 

3. Be Efficient

Make sure you are getting the most out of your air conditioning.  Clean out your filters and vents at least once a month, so you aren't wasting energy.  You'll also want to make sure your evaporative cooler, hot water heater, or any other appliances are up-to-date!

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