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Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Treats2/5/2019

Valentine's Day Treats

Some Valentine's Day recipes are totally Insta-worthy, but others aren’t exactly on the level of a professional baker, and that’s okay. It’s fun to cook with the kids and not worry about creating those picture-perfect treats, so long as you create picture-perfect memories. Helping out in the kitchen is a super-simple way to inspire creativity and help your kiddo explore math and science concepts. Spend some quality with your sweetie (AKA your child) and whip up some of these Valentine’s Day treats:

1. Large Batch Strawberry Cupcakes: It’s almost the school V-Day party, and your kiddo wants to actually bake the treats you signed up to bring. This large batch strawberry cupcake recipe is the pretty pink solution! Your child can measure, mix, stir, and cover these treats with colorful sprinkles. 

2. Donut S'mores Sundae: You can’t get much more decadent than this. The traditional s’more graham sandwich stacker gets a Valentine’s Day upgrade with donuts, ice cream, and sweet little heart-shaped sprinkles. Just watch out for the sugar rush. 

3. Valentine Heart Milk Ice Cubes: Add a splash of science into your kitchen fun with this easy Valentine’s Day recipe. Your curious kid can explore the liquid to solid (and eventually solid to liquid) transformation with these oh-so-cute cubes. 

4. Strawberry Love Bugs: These adorable strawberries add a pinch of healthy eating to your Valentine’s Day treat-making. And then there are the creatively cute faces. Your littles can let their imaginations run loose in creating different love bug characters. 

5. Red Velvet Packcankes: Desserts aren’t the only treats that scream, “Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!” Start the day off with these hearty (literally) pancakes. Even though your little one can’t help you with the cooking, they can do the measuring and mixing for you.

6. Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie Cups: So you say you want to go with a non-traditional Valentine’s Day treat? Say no more! You can forget about the candy hearts and chocolate roses in this one. Turn your kiddo’s fave sandwich into a sweet treat, and make it festive by using a strawberry, raspberry, or another berry red jelly.

7. Cherry Funfetti Valentine Cookies: Spending a chilly February day in a warm kitchen with your mini chef is the picture of perfection. And so are these cookies. They’re cherry-licious, funfetti-filled, and easy to bake.

8. Chocolate-Strawberry Hugs: This oatmeal yumminess is great for Valentine’s Day morning. It’s a step above plain cereal (okay, several steps above it) and easy to put together with your child.

9. Mermaid Seashell Macarons: Don’t worry about taking a fancy French pastry-baking class before trying this recipe out; you can use store-bought macarons. Choose a Valentine’s Day color/flavor and put these beauties together for a holiday party at home with family and friends.

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