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Back to the Books7/29/2019

Apple with Books

Its officially August and that means getting back into the grind of the school year. There’s so much to think about and get ready for so you start off on the right foot. We have put together the ultimate list for making sure that getting back to school is hassle-free.

  1. Go Through Your Student’s Closet

Find out what fits them and what doesn’t, that way you know what you need if you go shopping for clothes. Don’t forget to check all of their shoes too! Don’t forget to get out fall and winter clothes when that time comes. Check out clothes, jackets, hats, gloves and boots so you know exactly what you need when stores start getting their winter items out.

  1. Pick Out a First-Day Outfit that is Picture Perfect

Everyone knows its tradition to get a “first day of school” photo. Make sure you plan for this ahead of time so you aren’t in a panic that morning. Let your student be involved and see what they would want to wear, it could be something to match their friends!

  1. Check Your Local Store for Your Student’s Classroom List

Last-minute back to school shopping can get stressful, especially with the crowds and long lines. Stop by your local stores to see if they have your student’s classroom “Items Needed” list early! This also means you get the first pick at the stores for colors, designs and sizes!

  1. Get Back into the Routine of Having a Set Bedtime

This will help both you and your student so that everyone knows when bedtime is and there won’t be any fuss about changing things the night before the first day. This will also allow everyone to get a good night’s rest so you are ready to take on the next day.

  1. Have Your Student Complete Workbooks

Even though summer break is a great time to relax make sure your student doesn’t forget everything they learned in the past year. Help jumpstart their memory by keeping a couple workbooks around for them to work on during and at the end of summer. There are lots of books you can order that have math, science, geography, English and more. Your kids may even learn something new and be ahead for the upcoming school year!

  1. Put Your Student’s Cash in a Youth Savings Account

After all of the lemonade stands, chores, babysitting and more, it would be wise to have your student put that money away so they can start earning dividends even from the first dollar they deposit. Health Advantage Credit Union’s Youth Savings account is a perfect first step. We are committed to teaching youth good savings. Find Out More!

  1. Get Your Student’s Yearly Checkup at the Doctor Out of the Way

Don’t stress about having to pull your kid out of class and have them makeup work just for that yearly doctors’ appointment. Get it done and out of the way so that your student doesn’t start the year off with missing a day. Some schools will even bring in licensed physicians before the school year that you can have your student go to – Ask your school!

  1. Go to Your Student’s School During Open House

Take a trip out to the school before the school year to meet your student’s teacher. You can find out what all your student will need for the year as well as introduce yourself so they know who you are. This is also a great time for your student to find out what other classmates they will have and what parents you can connect with for questions and help throughout the year.

  1. Get Your Student’s School Bag Ready

Packing up your student’s backpack early will relieve some of the stress the night before and the morning of the first day. It will also remind you of some things you still need to get to make sure your student is fully prepared for the school year.

  1. Start Getting in the Habit of Meal Prepping

No one likes the hassle of having to get up earlier to make lunch! Make it the night before to save yourself some time. This also gives you the chance to have your student help pick out what they would like for lunch and to start teaching them what to do to make your lunch the night before!

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