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Introducing Our New Look!11/1/2019

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Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union is introducing a new look! We are so excited to announce our new name… Health Advantage Federal Credit Union! We are still the same credit union you know and trust – just with a new look and name that better embodies our history, personality and culture as a credit union. Below are some FAQs on what all is behind our new look. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Q: When will the name change take effect?

A: On November 1st, SMFCU will officially switch names to Health Advantage Federal Credit Union. You will begin seeing us transition to the new name right away.

Q: What will change with the new name?

A: Only the name and logo will change. Beginning on November 1st you will start to see exterior branch signage changes, new brochures, stationery, plus an updated website with our new name and logo.

Q: Is the name change a result of a merger or acquisition?

A: No. The name change is not the result of a merger or acquisition of any kind. We remain a member-owned cooperative.

Q: Will the ownership of the credit union remain the same?

A: Yes. The ownership of the credit union will remain 100% owned by you, the members.

Q: Will the credit union still serve Saginaw?

A: Absolutely. We are fully committed to our roots and serving Saginaw. In fact, we just invested in a major addition of our State Street branch location just a couple of years ago.

Q: How did you select the new name?

A: We spent many months working with a joint team of Board, Management and Staff under the advisement and guidance of an experienced and respected branding firm.

Q: Who will be eligible to join the credit union?

A: Our charter remains the same. We will continue to serve people who work in the healthcare industry in the State of Michigan.

Q: Why are you changing the name of the credit union?

A: Our Board and Management have built one of the strongest financial institutions in the area by making prudent and strategic business decisions that ensure our growth and health. Our name change is part of our long-range plan to continue building a growing and relevant organization that is inclusive of every member and community we serve.

Q: How will fees, loan rates and deposit rates be impacted by the name change?

A: Rates and fees will not be negatively affected by the name change. We will continue to monitor our rates and fees like we always have. Rates and fees do fluctuate, but they are adjusted in response to market conditions.

Q: Will the routing number change?

A: No, our routing number will remain the same. The routing number is: 272484658.

Q: Will my account numbers change?

A: No, your account number(s) will remain the same.

Q: Will I still be able to use my checks?

A: Yes, your checks will still work. When it’s time for you to re-order, new checks with the new name of the credit union will be issued.

Q: Will my credit card still work?

A: Yes, your current card will continue to work until its expiration date. Your account numbers and member numbers will also not change.

Q: Will my debit card/ATM card and PIN number still work?

A: Yes, your current debit card/ATM card and PIN number will continue to work as they always have until its expiration date.

Q: If I have automatic payments taken from my account or receive direct deposit, will I need to do anything?

A: No, everything will stay the same. Our routing number and transit number will not change, and your account number will not change; therefore, there are no additional steps or changes you need to make.

Q: Will the credit union numbers, website and email addresses change?

A: All phone numbers will remain the same. Our new website address is, which will become active in November. The current website address and email addresses will automatically redirect to the new addresses until June 2020.

Q: Will branch days of operation and hours change?

A: No. Branches will continue to be open and available to you the same days and times that you expect.

Q: Will there be any change in my statement cycle or in the way the statements are presented?

A: No. There will not be any changes to the statement cycle and it will remain in the same format you are used to. Keep a watch in your mail for our new statement stationary with the new name by April 2020.

Q: How will current members benefit from this name change?

A: By continuing to build a growing and relevant organization that is inclusive of every member and community we serve, we can offer our members the latest and best products and services in the financial industry.

Q: Is your staffing changing as a result from this change?

A: No. Our staff is not changing, and neither is our commitment to excellent service. We know you rely on us to be responsive, knowledgeable, and accessible, and we are dedicated to providing the same high quality, personalized support you’ve come to expect from us.

Q: Where can I find additional information?

A: Call us during business hours, Monday-Friday, at (989) 791-7070, visit us online at, or stop by a branch during our hours of operation.


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