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4 Benefits of Teen Accounts9/10/2020

Youth Accounts

It is time to trade that piggy bank in for a youth debit or savings account with Health Advantage Credit Union.

Getting a grasp on one’s own personal finances from an early age can make all the difference for an individual in the long run. When you have the opportunity to take your finances into your own hands you will gain a deeper appreciation for financial literacy as young adults. A youth debit or savings account can be one of the first steps into securing a strong financial future with benefits that can last a lifetime. Below are four benefits of an HACU youth debit or savings account.


The number one benefit of our teen debit account Evolution or our youth savings account is independence. When opening a personal debit or savings account, you are being entrusted to keep tabs on your own funds. For those who hold a part-time job, you will not have to go to your parents and ask for money! Having to work and earn the money yourself makes you put a little more thought into how it is spent. 

When one earns their own money, they tend to be more attuned to how it leaves their account. With our Evolution debit account or savings account you have the ability to budget, reference previous spending, and gain insights into where you can curb your overspending. This will start you down a bright path of understanding that your financial future lies directly with the choices you are making now.

Checking Account Advantages

Life without a debit account like Evolution can be a bother. Having access to your accounts online or through our mobile banking app opens a world of ease and opportunity. You can benefit from all the perks of having a checking account like online shopping, paying bills online and make choices for yourself about your own spending habits. 

Learning Financial Literacy

Not everyone grows up in a family where money is openly talked about or taught. When you have your own money in your own account, you tend to take your finances more seriously. Beyond the ease of automatic payments for bills you can learn how to make your money work for you.

Building a strong financial base and the financial literacy to go along with it can have a major return on investment in the future that goes beyond monetary figures. By having a solid grasp of banking, you will be enabled to take full control of your financial future and may even pass some of your learning onto family and friends.

Developing a Personal Banking Relationship

There are many other benefits to holding an account at Health Advantage Credit Union where you will develop a relationship with credit union experts. For starters, you will be able to utilize many of the other services we have to offer. Health Advantage is more than just a place to keep your savings and checking accounts.

Getting to know your credit union experts is like having your own financial cheerleader. Our credit union experts are always here to cheer you on when the going is good and help lift your spirits when you slip up. They will get to know your spending habits and will develop ways to assist you beyond just verifying a deposit.

There are benefits that extend well beyond the few mentioned here. As always, Health Advantage Credit Union is always here to help answer any questions you may have along the way. Let us help you get on the right track for financial success and take advantage of life!

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