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DIY Holiday Gifts12/2/2020

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you may find yourself in a rut on what to give your family members this holiday season. Instead of running to the store to get the “hottest gift item” think about making your family members something special by hand. There is truly no better gift than a homemade one.

Take advantage of these crafty DIY holiday gift ideas and spread the joy of giving this holiday season.

Jolly Java Jackets

Java Jackets

Do you have a handful of socks in your drawer that do not have their matching pair? Get them out of your sock drawer and put them to use! Turn your mis-matched socks into reusable sleeves for coffee or hot coco on the go. All you need is a few old socks, pair of scissors, some decorative buttons, felt stickers and hot glue!

Lunch Bag Scrapbook


Turn your brown paper lunch bags into a hand-crafted scrapbook! All you need is some brown lunch bags, scissors, hole punch, ribbon, glue, and assorted accessories to jazz up your scrapbook. To get your scrapbook started cut off the bottoms of the bags, stack and fold them in half. Punch holes along the folded side and thread ribbon through the hole to bind your new scrapbook. Decorate the cover with wrapping paper, pictures or whatever your heart desires. Go through each page and add in photos, cards, decorations, and more to make your scrapbook come to life!

Ink Blot Prints

Ink Blot

Ink blot prints are simple and fun for anyone to make. All you need is a piece of paper, paint brushes, some paints, and a picture frame to display your artwork. To get started fold your paper in half, open it up and on one side drip/dab paint down the paper. Fold the paper in half again press down. Open your paper to see your unique design and lay it flat to dry. Once dried place your artwork in a picture frame, wrap it up and it is ready to be gifted!

Stamped Napkins

Stamped Napkin

Napkins are used all throughout the holidays from family dinners to a place to set your drink. Why not make them festive with some holiday cheer! To get started grab a stack of napkins, some holiday stamps, and an ink pad. Stamp the napkins, gather them together with a ribbon and they are ready to be put on display!

Whatever you decide to gift this holiday season we hope these ideas help spark your creative side.

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