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Holiday Décor Dos and Don’ts11/27/2020

Holiday Décor

The holidays are here whether you are ready or not. So, you can either choose to embrace them or choose to take the bah-humbug approach to the holidays this year. Whatever you decide we have some holiday decorating dos and don’ts for you to take advantage of!

It is safe to say holiday decorations become a staple in homes over the years. From a baby’s first Christmas ornament hung on the tree to collectable Christmas figurines, these decorations can bring back happy memories and put a sparkle in the eye of young children. While fully embracing the festive décor keep these tips in mind so you do not overrun your space and overwhelm senses with holiday décor. 

Don’t clutter your doorway

A blow up Santa, statement holiday wreath, hanging icicle lights, a snow machine, a holiday themed flagged and a dancing elf right when you walk in the door can make for an overwhelming entrance for family and friends. If this sounds like your front porch and entrance into your home during the holiday season maybe consider a different approach this holiday season. Think about sticking with the blow-up Santa in the yard with a nice statement wreath on the door and icicle lights strung along the roof of the house.

Add greenery

Consider adding in holiday greenery staples like poinsettias, Christmas cactus, branches of winter green or cedar and even pinecones. These can be great additions that help add a natural element, pop of color and can live happily indoors or outdoors.

Don’t Keep all your decorations in one room

While it may be tempting to put all your favorite holiday décor up in one room – the one you spend the most time in, do not. The space can easily become overwhelming with too much to look at, bright lights and too many colors making it difficult to follow a theme. Instead spread your decorations throughout various room.

Break away from traditional color schemes

If the traditional holiday colors do not excite you anymore or they clash with your existing home décor, explore other color options. Add in metallics or a pop of color. A touch of teal, orange and silver could be just what your holiday decorations need this year!

No matter how you choose to decorate for the holidays or when you choose to decorate, we hope you find these holiday décor do and don’t tips helpful!

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