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Snowmobile Safety Tips1/1/2021


Snowmobiling is both exciting and dangerous. We want you to get out and explore the great outdoors this winter but, we want you to do it safely. If you like snowmobiling and want to learn a few ways to be safe while riding this winter take a moment and read these snowmobile safety tips.

Watch the weather

Avoid adverse weather conditions where it may make it difficult to see and ride. You are more likely to get lost or crash during treacherous weather. Before heading off on your trip make sure to check trail maps and trail conditions.

Do not drink alcohol and ride

Alcohol is a factor in over 70% of all fatal snowmobile accidents. Alcohol and drugs have a negative effect on the driver’s vision, balance, and coordination making for a slower reaction time. Make sure you are not riding with those who drink and ride.

Do not drive alone

Ride with a buddy! If one machine happens to break down, you will have another to ride back on to get help. Plus, who does not like spending the day riding with a buddy!

Slow down

High speeds are another major factor in snowmobile accidents, especially at night. Make sure you slow down and take your time. 

Riding on ice

It is safest to avoid riding on lakes and rivers if possible. If you are riding on ice, wear a life jacket over your outer clothing. Make sure to stay on the marked trail or where most tracks are. Avoid ice that has a moving current near or under it. Where there is a moving current, the ice is usually weaker which prevents snowmobiles to cross safely.

Dress for safety

Always wear a quality helmet and face shield. Wear layers to help keep yourself warm and dry. Snowmobile bibs, coats, boots, facemasks, and gloves should help with the wind and repel water.

Enjoy the thrill of snowmobiling this winter! If you are ready to get out on the snow but have not quite saved up enough to make your purchase for a snowmobile, a snowmobile loan from Health Advantage could be the answer.

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Happy riding!


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