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Visa Credit Card Balance Transfers for Life


If you're paying more than 9.9%APR* on other credit or department store cards, it is time for a fresh start with our Visa Balance Transfer! When you transfer your higher rate balances to a Health Advantage Credit Union Visa, you'll receive 9.9%APR* for the Life of the balance!!  Save hundreds in interest payments on transferred balances until they are paid off! PLUS Never Any Transfer Fees!  

APPLY for a Balance Transfer (choose one):

I have a HACU Visa        

I do NOT have a HACU Visa

*9.9%APR is valid until the entire balance is paid in full and only applies for balances transferred from another financial institution. If you are 60 days delinquent and receiving a promotional balance transfer rate, this rate may automatically revert to the originally disclosed balance transfer rate. APR for purchases will remain at the originally disclosed rate.

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